Are there any special instructions for printing die cuts through a laser copier or ink jet printer?

Spinnaker die cut labels are specifically designed to run great in your digital equipment. Because there is no adhesive on the outer 1/16" edge of the sheet you do not have to worry about adhesive contamination.


  • Follow software guidelines. For a complete list of templates, go to the Multi-Purpose Die Cuts icon on the Spinnaker website, then click templates
  • Spinnaker die cut labels are also compatible with Avery brand label templates

  • Select the desired number of label sheets and gently fan the edges to reduce static electricity. If curl is present, manually bend and flatten before loading

Loading and Printing:
  • Consult the owner's manual to determine the proper placement of the labels in the feed tray: GSM=159
  • Place labels directly on top of the paper stack in the tray
  • Do not exceed the recommended number of sheets

Storage of Unused Labels:
  • Place any unused sheets from paper tray into the protective plastic bag and store in a cool dry environment

  • Do not run label stock through the printer twice
  • Spinnaker labels are not designed for guillotine cutting