Are there any special requirements for offset printing pressure sensitive?

Pressure sensitive guidelines and tips:


  • Store pressure sensitive stock on a flat surface in a cool dry area between 65 and 75 degrees F at 50% relative humidity
  • Break bands to relieve pressure on skid-packed stock
  • Do not double stack skids or stack more than 5,000 sheets high
  • Do not open sealed packages until ready to print
  • Return unused stock to cartons or protective packaging

Press Preparation:
  • Allow product to acclimate to shop conditions for at least 24 hours
  • Clean and adjust grippers and guides to avoid miss-feeding through press
  • Avoid loading stock higher than 6 inches
  • Fan stock gently to separate before loading into press
  • Reduce cylinder pressure as much as possible to prevent wrinkling

Inks and Varnish:
  • Consult your ink supplier for recommendations based on pressure sensitive stock used
  • Use a minimum amount of water and ink mixture for best results
  • Oxidizing inks are recommended for non-absorbant facestocks, including films and coated stocks
  • UV varnishes add gloss; matte or textured finishes provide UV, weather, moisture, and scuff resistance. Ensure UV varnish is compatible with your ink system; a thin coat is recommended for optimal curing
  • Stocks that will be laser printed require specialty inks that can withstand the high temperatures and pressure of laser printers

Guillotine Cutting:
  • Blade should be clean and sharp
  • Reduce clamp pressure as much as possible
  • Cut through the back of the stock with the face down
  • Trim in small lifts